Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Star Project Yoon Review

Star Project Yoon Review

Star Project Yoon is the mobile version of Star Project.
As far as I have seen, there was not much advertising for the game itself.
However, seeing how to game is, I see the reason for the low review.
The game itself is a game of advertisement traps.
Every few seconds, a ad will pop up.
However, the good thing is that you can "X" away from it.
But its still nonetheless irritating.

 So, after naming my character "Elycia".
What is "Elycia of your agency"?
Don't I own the agency? O.O???

Lets give them the benefit of doubt that "Stage Elycia" meant
the manager's plan to.....make Touya famous.

So..."stage Elycia of Yoon" is Yoon of Stage Elycia :D

This is how events work out now.
No more world map too.


This is how dates, lessons and work looks like now.

There are no longer any mini games.
This is merely "waiting" screen for Touya to complete the job.
Of course, and to lure you to watch advertisements while you wait.

By the way, I named my company "Galaxy"
Not "GalaxyElycia"

After you have done a single date or work or lesson,
there will be a waiting time of 10 -30 mins depending on which you select.
If you click on it again, the above screen pops up. 
Asking you to, once again, watch advertisements 
to play the next date or work or lesson immediately.
As you can see, you have a fairly large amount of energy.
How many ad do I have to watch T ^ T

This is your "quest" list, where its not completely translated.

Here's the album.
However, that CG did not appear on my play screen.
I'm not sure how it even popped up there.
It seems that Touya would be the only star in this game.


This is a big big big disgrace to the web version.
I think its fine that the old CGs are used.
However, the CGs are cropped to fit my phone which was disappointing.
The game is pacing is really weird,
 the CGs are flashed at the start of the game which was unnecessary.
Weird english most of the times, incomplete translation.
However, it should be stated that they reused the text from the web version for the events.
Therefore, its not a lump of poor english.
I do hope that they would brush the game up if they care about it,
and stop with the bunch of random ads.
For those who don't get to play the game, you aren't missing out.



  1. Thanks for the review! Wow were you right, this seems really terrible. This looks way too frustrating to play. I hate ads or having to wait to do things... Wouldn't mind if they had some ad blocker for money or something to eliminate wait times.. The mini games were a hit and a miss for me, since the dance mini game got so hard on higher levels I literally couldn't go past at a certain point X_X Hopefully they update the translations and that so the people on android that miss the web version get to enjoy what's left. This looks like the mobile Heart no Kuni no Alice translation level X,D

  2. is it just me or is it practically impossible to get past the log in page
    i've download the game and installed and reinstalled it over and over again but it just won't get past the "Successfully logged into google play services" ie the starting page
    the same goes for Ren's app
    it almost logged in once but after asking for my name it crashed or stopped or was loading i don't know
    can you plese post a step by step walkthrough of the moble apps while mentioning the wait time for each of them please...


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