Friday, August 31, 2012

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

I think that harvest moon series always have the same problem. 
Which is, there isn't much of a goal after you get marriage. 
And you have to wait for a long period of time for your child to grow. 
Furthermore, in this case, after you have found all the circus animals, 
you can summon them to reach a certain place immediately. 
Which is rather bad , since this make you have more time, 
BUT you have nothing to do.....which in turn lead you to be lazy and not finish the full game.
For me, I finished the main storyline, got married and had a baby.

And, my "husband" is Gill!!!! I thought that the bachelors in this game isn't that good looking.
And I would have gone for Luke if he didn't had that plastic on his nose. Or maybe Owen if his body isn't that "bulky".....But I must say that its still good to play this if you are bored since, you can spend hours of real time just for a few days in game. I hate how when your "husband" help out and took really long to water the crops. And I think its pretty unfair for bachelorettes to really nice looking......."OTL

But I guess this game is pretty worth the try that is if you have nothing to do....

Rating: 6/10 stars

Friday, August 24, 2012

Starry Sky In Spring Review

Starry Sky In Spring Review
A really good otome game. Really really good game. 
I love how they added the horoscope concept into the game. 

There's Yoh, who represents Capricon. 

 Suzuya who represent Cancer.

 AND Kanata that represent Pisces

Personally, I LOVEEEEEE Suzuya. And the fact that he knows how to cook was a big addition in point. If you have played Suzuya's route, you will know that Suzuya have been keeping his feeling for the heroine inside.
However, he is a gentle devil. There's a inner devil in him LOLZZZ!!
Suzuya is a really motherly figure out of all three of them!!!
I love how Suzuya give the main character a really protected feeling.
Which is why Suzuya is my personal favourite

Kanata & Yoh's path is good in different ways. Yoh is really the sly, quiet type of guy.
And Kanata is a little boy inside of him. (That's what I think)

The CGs are realllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy good. Really recommended!!
Rating:10/10 stars 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ok, so I'm gonna start on writing the story for my new VN soon. And I won't tell you what's in it.
LOLZ. I dunwan to spoiler my game you see. And I will do a review on Starry Sky In Spring, which I should've done it long ago!! And of course Tokimeki Memorial Girls' side1 & 2
I'll try to find more games to update on~
Well.........since today is the last day of my exam~~~
So look forward to my new updates soon~
Thanks  ~~( >   < )~~

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Game

I have plan to be my own Visual Novel for girls, with the help of Ren'py software.
So I was hoping if any of you could tell me which type of character
would you like to appear in VN games. Any type would be fine~
I need an idea of the type of guys I'm gonna draw~

Please comment~ Thanks you~ o( _  _ )o

My Candy Love - Ken

 My Candy Love - Ken

Seriously?!?!?! And sooooooooo Ken changed how he looks..........And the difference is just too BIG!!!
So tempted to restart my game.....Hmmmmm........*Faints* Good thing that initially, I did not have anyone that I like in the game now........I'm sure many of you would be tempted to restart the game just for Ken!! XD

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cafe Rouge Password


*note: different pw can get the same pw, these are only one way *

Episode 1

Episode 2:
>>text back <<

>> napkin<<

>>don't text back<<
 >>skip class<< 

note: skipping class~ CG with teacher, napkin~CG with manager

Episode 3: 

used tea9800,

>>have a chat<<


don't tell, 
call valen 

used locket008

>>help aldo<<

>> dont ask <<
>> ask abt school <<

Episode 4:

used pawn7032 or secret583



used harp2001

PW: misfortune00
*find Demian @ stage*
>>hear him out<<

*find chris @ bar*
>>ask about Demian<<

used venom0229
>>ask why he's leaving<<

Episode 5:

used naive007
>> Stay Overnight<<
>>Clean up<<
>>Give cold shoulder<<
>>Get butter<<
>>Look for Chris<<
>>Come over<<

PW: blueblood28

>>Stay Overnight<<
>>Clean up<<
>>Talk back and reproach<<
>>Look for Chris<<
>>Go Home<<
>>Nothing really<<

used dream13

>>ask who is following me<<
>>clean up<<
>>talk back<<
>>get butter<<
>>Look for Antoine<<
>>ask now<<

PW: giselle001

>>ask about Antoine background<<
>>Clean Up<<
>>Stay quiet<<
>>Get butter<<
>>Look for Chris<<
>>Ask later<<

used death132
>>Get a glass of juice<<
>>Clean up<<
>>Give cold shoulder
>>Get Butter<<
>>Look for Antoine<<
>>Help Demain on stage<<


>>Get back to work<<
>>Clean up<<
>>Talk back & reproach<<
>>Look for chris<<
>>Don't offer to help<<

Episode 6:

used redblood37:

PW: trick13
>> Hide Valen! Fast!<<
>>Inspect Floor<<
>>Head for bar<<
>>Snoop around<<
>>Call Valen<<
>>Leave a text<<

Used Blueblood28:

PW: scheme91 
>>Hide Valen! Fast!<<
 >>Inspect Floor<<
 >>Untangle Yourself<<
 >>Call Valen<< 
>>Call and leave voice mail<<

  • PW: child736

    >>Hide Valen! Fast!<<
    >> Inspect Body area<<
    >>Head to Stage<<
    >>Go find Diane<<

    Used false06
    PW: mortal06
    >>follow him later<<
    >>Insect floor<<
    >>Head to stage<<
    >>Call out for help<<
    >>Why does she look like me?<<
    >>Sigh....continue please<<

    Used giselle001
    PW: immortal007
    >>Ask him what's wrong<<
    >>Inspect oven<<
    >>Who is she<<

    Used massacre049
    PW: angel390
    >>Give in<<
    >> Inspect Floor<<
    >>Go to bar<<
    >>White lie<<
    >>Doesn't hate her<<

PW: resurrection2
>>Play along<<
>>Inspect oven<<
>>Head to bar<<
>> Doesn't hate her<<

Episode 7(The End):
Used scheme91:

Valen's good end

>>tell him to run<<
>>bite him<<
>>go into kitchen<<
>>leave the knife<<

Used child736

Heroine dies, Valen lives(maybe?)

>>tell him to run<<
>>bite him<<
>>go into kitchen<<
>>leave the knife<<

Used trick13:
Instant death

Used mortal06:
Antoine bad end

>>run for the door<<
>>stay and hide<<
>>Stay with Antoine<<

Used immortal007
Antoine Good End
run for the door
run for the door
head for bar
don't move
head to the kitchen

Used angel390

Ron bad end

embrace him
keep running
head into kitchen
ask him why
run upstairs

Used resurrection2

Ron Good End

>>embrace him<<
>>keep running<<
>>head into kitchen<<
>>ask him why<<
>>run upstairs<<

Cafe Rouge Review

Cafe Rouge

The story is really.......GREAT. Although its not completed yet, but the thrill of the game keeps me wanting more of it. The CGs were really good. Too bad it was a flash game. But love it overall, there's a total of 5 parts that are currently out now. This game is a MUST TRY!!!

Rating 8/10

Ristorante Amore Review

Ristorante Amore

I must say that this game is really cute. I love the prologue, but I didn't really understand the post prologue since you will be playing as Pierre in the post-prologue!! But each of their story is really sweet. Personally, I love Liam's route, he looks so cute when he blushes XD . I didn't complete the post prologue since I wasn't really patience with the long lengthy text especially when I'm not playing as the Female MC!!! But overall, the game was very well done!!

Rating : 6.5/ 10

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Witch Spell Review

Witch Spell Review

The story was really short. But I love the art, it was done really well. 
What I dislike about the game is that there's no skip button....zzzzz
However, I believe that it would be better if they would have been able to make the gamer fall in love with the guys. Throughout the gameplay, I've no idea what the guys' character was like.
I don't really particularly like any of the route. But the game was worth playing.

Download link:

Witch Spell Walkthrough

Witch Spell

Jin's Route:

>>Why do you want to know anyway?<<

>>I just love heavy rains<<

>>Where to buy magic syrup?<<

>>I'll never forgive the dullhead<<

>>I might... Yes<<

>>I like you<<

Akari's Route:

>>I am not telling you any!<<

>>Oh, I don't have an umbrella<<

>>Wow! That's magic<<

>>If I knew who is was, I'll break his neck<<

>>No I don't. I hate boys.<<

>>Can you be my boyfriend?<<

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Star Project Update

Ren is out!!!! That's something to be happy about!!!
So Ren have this contract where you have to extend it and get his ending and he will be yours forever......
That's kinda sad you know, since the game only give you Ren's contract for like 4 days in real life....
Why do they have to torture us like this!!!