Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Doll's Stories

The Doll's Stories

This game really surprise me. It gave me a unique gameplay and the story is touching T ^ T.
Unfortunately, the female doll's route is incomplete. But the male doll's route is just so good~~
The artwork is really good, it is comparable to pay to play otome games. The game is unique in which, instead of choosing, you have to type instead. The concept reminds me of Fate/Stay Night. Having dolls as your partner in fighting and all. And what can I say, the male doll is just so handsome <3 The story is very well done, it is very well thought. Its a pity that the game play is pretty short. But the whole game is very enjoyable, extremely worth the time.

The doll concept of the game is extra ordinary. Making it different from many other otome games. The background is drawn really well which makes it really noticeable throughout the gameplay. It can be seen that lots of effort has been put into the game. Definitely worth the try!! You can imagine yourself as a girl or a guy. But as otome lover, I'm definitely imaging myself as a girl in the male doll's route ;)

Get Dumped ☆

Get Dumped ☆

I pretty impressed with the story, I didn't manage to predict the story XD
Initially, I thought that the girl with black hair was the 3rd party in the heroine's relationship, but its not the case~ And yes, like the title of the game, you gonna be dumped by the guy in the game.
I think this game is decent~ its worth the try~ Apparently, you get dumped by the "perfect guy" in the game. I think that the ending is satisfying, its worth the time~

The true end starts with the rest of the ends being a dream. And I hated Arashi before the true end, he was such a (*@)#$# in the other ends XD I kinda wish that the heroine was more brave and all.
 But I kinda think the heroine is a stalker because, if she appeared to be a stalker in one of the endings.......and its a in order to dream about it......SHE HAVE TO BE A STALKER!! Which means.........we are all stalkers (¬_¬)  cause we played as the heroine.

Enjoy the game~ヘ(^_^ヘ)   (ノ^_^)ノ