Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nano Life

While waiting for new english translated otome game,
why not try other similar games? One of my personal favourite is Nano Life
The story is very creative, and somehow, you would remind you that you might have similar thoughts before.
Really recommended, its really short, but good.

download link:

Prince Maker: Braveness

Prince Maker is out but I haven't get the chance to play it yet?
It doesn't attract me that much since its not exactly a dating game......
Anyway here's the link. Enjoy~

Monday, June 25, 2012

Break ends

And 2 weeks break has ended, sadly. 
So it means that I can no longer post as much as I did like the last 2 weeks.
But I will try to post more despite my busy schedule.
If there's new games, I would inform you guys 1st so that you can try it out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

(P)lanets walkthrough

Ryuu's Route

>> Stay Behind <<
>> I don't remember <<
>> Roof <<
>> Laugh <<
>> Energetic & Happy <<
>> Roof <<
>> Teasingly wake him up <<
>> I should help him out <<
>> You shouldn't be so violent <<
>> Do you really feel that way? <<

Lucan Route:

>> Stay Behind <<
>> 4-A <<
>> Classroom <<
>> Accept <<
>> Cute & Sweet <<
>> Courtyard <<
>> That sounds great! <<
>> I should help Lucan <<
>> I wish you two would stop fighting <<
>> You aren't pathetic <<

Kaius Route
>> Catch up with him <<
>> 4-B <<
>> Courtyard <<
>> Stay Here <<
>> Mysterious & Cool <<
>> Cafeteria <<
>> I should ask Kaius for help <<
>> Ryuu was at fault <<
>> I want to be close with Kaius <<

Haruhi Route 

>> Stay Behind <<
>> 4-B <<
>> Cafeteria <<
>> Mysterious & Cool <<
>> Hallway <<
>> I don't need his help <<
>> Ryuu was at fault <<
>> I have someone else in mind <<
>> You can sleep here <<

(P)lanets Review

This is one of the few otome games that I enjoyed throughout the routes. 
The psychic part of the game fits in perfectly with the game. The guys in the game are really adorable.
 The CGs were well drawn. The storyline is very sweet at the end. 
(P)lanets is NOT one of the few games where the storyline is highly predictable. 
My personal favourite is Kaius. Somehow he reminds me of Jigoku Shoujo......
Doesn't he look really sweet? He has a mysterious aura around him.
 Which is why I did his route first, & his story really satisfied me. 

Throughout the game play, I wondered how nice it would be if I was the Female MC. 
Her sudden psychic ability to hear others mind is really attractive for me.
And I seriously wonder what's up with her parents......

There's a additional ending with her "girlfriend" who is a guy.

Rating: 8/10

>(P)lanets 2 is in making now!!
> This game is labelled M15......I have no idea why.....should probably be M13 LOLZ

>> Download here:<<

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tips for Star Project

Here are some tips that I have either gathered from the forum, or just some tips that I had myself.
EDITED: current stars : Touya & Ren

Beginner's tips
The aim of this game is like any other otome game, to get the CGs & Ending.
Percentages would be shown when you try to get your star to do appearances or dates.
The higher the percentage, the higher the chance of the appearance or date be successful.

Firstly, You can up  your star 's skills (Wits, Speech,Acting, Vocal, Memory,Dance)
by playing the mini games with the (Lesson) beside the venue.

Secondly, you can go on dates with  your star  via Venues with (Dates) beside.
 It is best to go on dates at every venue once a day. The cheaper the date,
more energy would required, vice versa.

Thirdly, (Part-time jobs) are to allow you to have extra income as it requires lesser
energy as compared to going for appearances.

Lastly, (Appearances) are important to shine your star,  your star .
In order to learn more money for buying clothes, going on dates etc,
more money is needed, however, to earn more money via (Appearances),
you have to up  your star 's skills so as to appear for higher levels appearances.

You can check  your star's status via the 2nd button at the bottom of the game screen.
The 1st button allow you to see your love point with Touya,
 trust point with NPCs & your manager lvl.

Trust point is important for higher level appearances,
and of course for scheduled appearances, lessons or part time jobs.

Of what I know, the manager's level is only important for scenarios.

In a nutshell, this game is just a longer version of normal non web-based
otome games. There's no wrong path. There's only wrong choice of replying.

Vocal :
Try to remember the highlighted parts. 
As for the later part when there's no longer highlighted parts,
 type the notes somewhere, probably on the URL or your window's sticky notes.
 ~credits to azukarahime

 You don't have to follow your cursor along with the tick.
 I think this is a mistake when everyone is playing the dancing game for the first time. 
You can actually click anywhere on the screen so just
 stay put on one comfortable spot and click accordingly to the tick. 
Also, watch out for the beat at the beginning. 
The moment the tick left the screen on the right, click IMMEDIATELY.
 It takes a little practice but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.
~ credits to Suereya

Analyse the table at the bottom of the screen before you start.
You can use the same one emotion for any of the emotion that the NPC makes.
The easiest way is to relate the expression you are suppose to make with the NPC's .
For example, when the NPC is smiling, and one of the "allowed" expression is angry,
 think of it like Touya is angry at the NPC but she just give a silly smile.
Also, most of the times, there are expression that you are "allowed"
to do that are overlapped. Which makes it easier to finish the mini games.

Refering to the picture,
1 . Remember the speech bubble. Just remember the 1st word. For example remember "What" & "Oh"
2. Remember the face & body gestures of chibi Touya. 
3. That's the number of mismatched parts. Divide the number by 2. In this case, 4/2 is 2. SO, you only 2 steps to complete the picture.
4. That's the time left.

Another way of playing, which doesn't require you to use your brain at all,
is to do a screenshot and then refer to the picture thereafter.
To do a screenshot, press "Print Screen"
then, open Paint & paste ur screen shot there!!

ANYWAY, so, when you start the game, the first scene would be for you to memorise.
 When the curtain closes, you will gain control & you have to make the "picture" you have now,
 be the same as the "picture" before you. 

Firstly, remember the speech bubble.

Secondly look at either 2 of the Touya-s. I think that's the easier way.

Its pretty easy for some pictures but some of them are pretty hard,
 especially the Bookstore guy & the Gift store girl where their mouth actually are pretty similar.
(Sorry I forgotten their name XP) 

For the speech, its pretty much based on our knowledge of the world & also the game. 


For extra energy, make sure to have meals with  your star :
Here's a guide for the different time region by Takeva

. Also, you can see if you a eligible for the next scenario by clicking on the "EVENT" 
above your company building. There's typo for the game. 
There shouldn't be the word "MORE" beside the numbers. So take note of that.

You can get X2 of your rewarded status for the lessons 
if you are able to fill the bar full within the time limit or the number of rounds.
For the rounds, you cannot make any mistakes. Lessons wth "rounds" are dance & vocal lessons

Edit: Visiting the house of fortune would allow you to get manager exp!!

Notes: Part time jobs at the restaurant, pet shop & the clothes store is still unavailable. Also, Ballroom serve no purpose as yet.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heartful Chance Review

Don't be cheated by the art, the art may be a turn off for some of you. But I ensure you that this game is worth your time. The chibi characters in this game is ultra cute. And the background design is really good. Although there are only 2 routes, the game is enjoyable. The storyline is predictable but is overall still cute. 

Rating: 7/10

Heartful Chance Walkthrough

Kouhei Route:

>>Just don't mind us....hehehee<<

>>What are you doing up there?<<

>>If head comes out, I am going to write the love letter Kouhei requested<<

>>I hope she will love it<<

>>I..I'm just admiring you<<

>>Call Kouhei<<

Henri Route:

>>They are asking me something....hehehee<<

>>Who are you?!?<<

>>If it's a tail, I won't write anything<<

Star Project

And so, after discovering my candy love, I found Star Project. And guess what, I think this is better than My Candy Love. Both are good in different ways. But for Star Project, you can play for a longer period of time as compared to My Candy Love. However, in star project, you cannot customize your own character. And currently the game is still developing more and more guys for the players. 

The art work is superb. Great storyline. Love the dokidoki scenes. Can't get enough of this game. Really enjoyable & its free!!

My Candy Love

Just started this online dating game for girls. Really cool indeed. But what I dislike about online dating game is that there's always something called the "Action Points" which limits what you can do in one day. Really hate this system of the game. Also, its really hard to click on the dialogue and move on smoothly since its a web based game. I tried using Google Chrome & its really hard to play because if you end up clicking too much, you would highlight the page instead. So I used Firefox instead which is much easier.

However, I like the drawing, its really decent. Love the customization of the main character. Pretty worth spending time to play. Try it out now!! 

Note: For anyone that started playing. Add my character!!
My username is Elycia ...!!!

For more info on the love-o-meter of the guys. Go to
It helps you to get the guy you like~ ;)

Castle Chase Review

A little mixed feeling for this game.....This game isn't exactly really nice. The storyline is rather weak. But I love the gameplay which is in 2D. It's really cute. However, its not worthwhile to play this game unless you are really free and have nothing much to do. The ending is really weak, unlike the japanese otome games where you get heart throbbing scene, this game doesn't have that since the overall storyline is to get the princess a date. You can give it a try, have a feel of the game. And if you feel bored after getting a few of the endings, just stop there.  It's not worthwhile to continue playing the game.

Rating: 4 / 10

The walkthrough is available at their official webpage. Enjoy =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yo-Jin-Bo Review

The first otome game I played. Totally in love with the game that I replayed it for 3 times now. The art is really good. Yo-Jin-Bo meant bodyguard in japanese. Which is also the names of the 3 main characters Yo, Jin & Bo. For me, my personal favourite is Muneshige. I thought his storyline was really cute & heart throbbing.

This was the best scene & the one I loveeee the most. Muneshige looks so sexy here. *nosebleed*

My second favourite is Ittousai. Despite his evilness at the beginning of the game, the ending was really sexy!!! <3. And my third favourite is Mon-mon!! I think he is really cute for some reason. Surprisingly, the 3 main characters' love route didn't attract me that much. YES....mainly due to the fact that there's a time traveling element at the end of the route for both Jin & Bo. Which I really dislike. But I love the historical element of this game. A really good game.

Rating: 9/10 stars

I don't think I will be posting a new guide for Yo-Jin-Bo as the walkthrough available is really clear! However, if you want me to make the walkthrough even easier to understand, feel free to comment =)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming Soon.... in a week time, I would be most probably be posting for:
This is probably the 1st english otome game that most otome game lovers would play.

A relatively good game. Love the story, Love the guys.

-Legend of the Piper Girl
Not exactly a otome game. But its pretty good I must say. Pretty interesting. So I figured I will post a review & guide for this too. Its more of a novel game.

Currently I'm playing Love Revo. Trying to get the guys.....its pretty hard to play....especially since there's lots of different guys and you have to concentrate on slimming down and stuff. For those who haven't heard of this game. Check out the trailer!!

Positive feedback

Thanks guys for the encouraging comments. I didn't continued posting as I thought no one would notice my blog. So thanks a lot for those who have commented. So I guess I'll continue posting soon. Since, I'm pretty busy with my studies, I need time to complete the games, write a review & walkthrough. But since I'm having my 2 weeks break soon. I will be posting soon enough. So look forward to it.XD