Sunday, July 6, 2014

Android Games

After finally getting my hands on an android phone.
First thing to do other than the basic stuffs, download all the free android otome games
And now, I have13 games & counting, in my phone waiting for me to play them, every day

Other than the lack of voice acting, which is expected.
I think that the otome games on mobile is not any worst than those on PCs or other devices.
The drawings are good as the usual, storyline of the games are brillant.

Currently, I'm playing the Shall we date free to play games, except Angel & Devil +:

And of course other games like Contract marriage etc~

 If you google the images, you probably would get nosebleed. I've warned you~

If there are any other games you would like to introduce, feel free to do so~

Shall we date? : Ninja Love+

My Code: Du0Rx8wkES

Shall We date? My Sweet Prince

Shall we date?  Scarlet Fate +

My Code: JffCExAhF2

Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja

Shall we date? Mononoke Kiss +

My code: FqXi26KpU0

Shall We Date? Magic Sword +

My Code: BSXjLsMmz6

Arabian Nights Love Story
Arabian Nights Free Dating Sims

Office Lover 


 Contract Marriage

StarStruck Love

Bidding For Love