Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hometown Story

Hometown Story

This game is similar to Recettear and Harvest Moon. 
Since its published Natsume, which is the company that published Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series.
From the trailer, this game is about the main character taking over a shop and running it. Which is similar to Recettear, minus the haggling. You can set your price and sell your goods.
Also, like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, there's friendship system where you can make friends with the villagers etc. Also, you get to go around finding stuffs to sell! 

If you are a fan of Harvest Moon series, Recettear, Animal Crossing or any games with similar genre, you should buy this game and give it a try

Watch the trailer below: 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Recettear - An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear - An Item Shop's Tale

Game Quickkkk Summary: 
One day, Tear (the grey haired fairy) just pop up at Recette's house, demand her to pay back the loan that her dad owed.
Recette has no money, so she have to work to pay back. So her house became a item store.
THE END.(=´∇`= )

Ok, so finally I had the chance to try out the game.
 The game environment is adorable. Sprites are really cute. 
I love the fact that they let you "run" the shop. Its really cool.
But its rather weird that there's no fixed price for the items.

 HOWEVERRRRRRRR, cutish and all, the game is seriously, hard and irritating to play.
Let me tell you why.
When you die in dungeon, you are only allow to bring ONE and only ONE item out.
Meaning, out of the 20 items you have there, you got to pick ONE.
Which irritates me a lot since usually I would restart and do the dungeon again and again

If you didn't manage to pay for any one of the loan, its a automatic GAME OVER.
You will have to start all over from Day 1 again. Apparently, Recette will wake up and find that its a dream.
However, fortunately, everything will stay the same as when you GAME OVER.
Except, your money, day and any preorders.

Well, actually its just this 2 main points. I did some research and found out that the totally amount you will pay, adding everything together would be over 800k. Which....lets see...... I have to sell like 800 armors?


See those jewels? Those are the experience. 
However, there's lots of different coloured jewels and I have no idea how much each give.

This is your typical start of the map, though the location varies as the map's inconsistent.
Kinda the map changes in the Persona series games?
So~the bottom left is the HP,MP and experience bar of the adventurer you are controlling.
The experience bar is the circle around the adventurer's face.

Sorry for the blur picture. > <
Ok, for every 5 level of the dungeon, you will get a mini boss fight.
The boss aren't tough, they just require some technique.

So after defeating the boss, the red door and portal would appear.
The red door would lead you back home.
While the portal would lead you to the next level.


Beginning store

One day........
2nd upgrade
3rd upgrade
Level Abilities:
Level 1: Starting Level
Level 2:Customers sell
Level 3:Can take orders
Level 4:More items
Level 5:Fusion Rank 1
Level 6: Change wallpaper
Level 7:Advance orders
Level 8: Change Floor
Level 9:Change Carpet
Level 10:Move Counters
Level 11: More items
Level 12:Store expansion
Level 13:Fusion Rank 2
Level 14:Change Counters
Level 15:Vending Machines
Level 16: Two Items
Level 17:Item Storage
Level 18:More Items
Level 19:Fusion Rank 3
Level 20:Store Expansion
Level 21: Half Pay
Level 22: ??
Level 23:??
Level 24:??
Level 25:??
Level 26:??
Level 30:??
Level 40:??
Level 50: ??

<?? are those that i have yet to unlock>

Tip 1:I won't say I'm a pro at haggling in the game. 
But here are some tips or things that I follow during haggling.
For everyone, I set my price between 110% to 120%.
Do note that there are some customers that refuse to pay within that amount due of "insufficient" fund. But I believe it have something to do with "customer loyalty"

Tip 2:
Make use of the increase in prices. When there is a increase in price, display all your items.
Items with a increase in price are in red. Items with a decrease in price are in blue

After paying all the debts:

You will pay your final debt of 500 000 pix at Day 36.
Therefore, there is no rush in meeting more npcs. 
Just concentrate on paying all the debts.
You will unlock the following modes upon paying the last debt of 500 000 pix:

Endless mode : Saving game after paying the 500 000 pix
New game + : Bring over your items, merchant lvl and etc. However, your pix will drop to 1 000 pix instead.
Survival mode: Where you have to keep paying debts till you can't pay anymore

Attack on Old Man

Attack on Woman
Once in a while, there will be news alert that says certain group of people are interested in certain stuffs. And this happens: