Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Li'l Red

Li'l Red

This visual novel is based loosely on the childhood story, Little Red Riding Hood. It's a really interesting perspective of the story, where no grandma is involved in the story, but a "evil" mother. It kind of reminds me of Hansel & Gretel. I love twisted childhood stories. So this definitely attracted me. I love the twist to it. And it actually teaches another moral which I think is better than the original story. But I don't really know if there's a moral to that original story......hmmm

So, anyway, download the game, try it. Worth the time, the graphic's really decent, and its like reading a story throughout. Keep in mind, no matter what option you choose, the story will still flow the same way.

NanoRen 2013

Because of NaNoRen2013, there's lots of otome games out now @@ So I'm gonna take my time to finish the games out there. So look forward to more reviews coming up~ I'm sorry if they are really short > <

No One Has to Die

No One has to Die

A interesting game, kinda a mindblown game. It's really confusing. But the game is worth playing because of the unique game play. In this game, you will have to get all the endings and finally get the last real ending. It doesn't take long to play and doesn't require any download. Despite the graphic being simple, the game is very well thought through, there isn't any plot hole that I can think of. But the game made me kill so many people....T ^ T