Monday, February 1, 2016

Sad News

Recently I have been catching up with the good otome games I have missed.
Apparently, projects for Starry Sky has been cancelled as the officials had noticed.
I remember reading that the main reason was that the voice actors are expensive,
which in turns meant that the production fee is high. So I guess they could not tolerate that.

I always went back to check if Star Project  was up and running.
But their website was not loading at all and there were no announcement 
of their closing on their Facebook Official Page. That was in 2012/2013 too.....
Looks like my news was way way way way way too old xD
Anddddd.......apparently the old web was hijacked and is a source of virus


Apparently, they have released a version on mobile.
The game is now called Star Project Yoon.
I am not sure if he's the only star in the mobile version.
Yoon, apparently, is the new name for Touya.
However, the reviews have been poor, but I will definitely try it for now. 


  1. Yeah It's really sad Starry Sky's translation patch got cancelled... I really hope someday all the SS games get translated officially though that sounds more like a pipe dream now :<

    Oh! On Star Project, Star Project was originally in Korean and Touya was known as Yoon originally, but they changed his name to Touya for the Japanese version, and the web browser version in english was following along the Japanese version! (Although I noticed when I used to play there were some korean voice acting at parts if you played Ren's route!) I really wanna play Star Project again but it's only for Android right...? Sadly I have an iPhone so I have to wait and hope for it to appear on the itunes store :( I also hope all the other characters from the korean version get apps made in english since we only got two characters in english!!

    1. Ikr~ I only got to play SS in Spring :(

      Oh~ I didn't know that. If I remember correctly, they used korean VA for the web version. Oh and you aren't missing out on the mobile version.....its totally different. The gameplay was by events instead of training and meeting criteria to unlock the events. The translation was crappy too xD like really crappy. I guess I should take some screenie and do a review or something xD


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