Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mystic Messenger

One of the new otome game I started playing.
As much as I have abandoned this blog~
It is really different from the usual mobile otome game
 where there's tons of texts flooding at you.

This game does it in a messenger style where instead 
of interacting with them directly with speech, it happens through your mobile.
The conversation is very natural, with the often use of "lol" and such.

You will also get "phone calls" from them.
Rather than the story tickets that are in the other games,
Mystic Messenger does it like how normal people text.
Meaning, it goes by timeline.
Each conversation is unlocked as time passes, which is really neat~
The game creator is the same company who did Nameless and Dandelion if I'm correct.
There are voice actings in the game and they are reallyyyyy good.
However, do note that they are all in korean~ 


Here is a behind the scene video~


You can find more information from the website or their Youtube page

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  1. Nice! Glad you're liking the game! I have a lot of friends on Twitter that talk about how great the game is! Sadly my phones too old to play it on XD Who's your fave character?


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