Sunday, November 22, 2015


I'm sorry that I have not updated this blog for so long now.
I haven't been playing much otome games on PC so I didn't have much to introduce.
However, I have recently picked up otome games on mobile.
I have been actively (& lazily) playing 4 otome games,namely:

 Destined to Love

 Forged Marriage PARTY 

Seven Hotties ,All my husband 

 Midnight Cinderella

I have actually tried playing Oriental Bride. 
However, the translation is poor and the story isn't as appealing. 
I played Li Yue's route and the only "doki doki" scene is probably.....
the last chapter with the beautiful CG.
Of course, if you are interested I wouldn't stop you from playing~

I have been busy playing my own game -cough-Trails in the sky SC & TalonRO -cough-
So pardon me if I haven't been updating this blog as much~
Thank you for supporting this blog~

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  1. It's all good! That's life after all~ Hopefully some good otomes come along for you to sink your teeth into cause your guides and that are always so good and helpful! ^v^ I haven't played any of those Mobage, but Midnight Cinderella looks pretty nice from the trailer you shared!


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