Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer Found Me Review

Summer Found Me

Finally, after a long period of time, another otome game is finally released!!
I completed the game twice and got the same ending. "OTL
Just how tough is this game @.@
I have to say the fact that I couldn't get a good ending kinda piss me off....
But I have to say the drawing is good, so is the CGs,
However, the CGs and the characters are drawn really differently.
I will be doing the walkthrough soon~
I have to say I interested in Devlin, I think guys with bad boy look in games attract my attention,
although I hate the fact that he smokes~ @.@ but I think his story would be interesting~

EDIT: Ok, I finished all their route. And I have to say Seth is the anime otaku. 
Devlin is the typical bad boy character in VNs, the ending was really dokidoki.
Alden is the pretty, smart & rich boy~
Personally, after playing all the route, I love Devlin & Seth route. They are the sweet kind of romance.
And Alden's route was......rather boring, especially since Alden is the heroine's crush.....which makes it even less interesting.

However, I think the game is really worth the try. The story is good and longer than usual VNs.
With 3 guys, its more than enough. I love how the conversations were really mundane, no awkwardness in it.
Worth the time to play.

Here's the link:

Enjoy the game~


  1. If you need help getting a boy, just type in the pass code "boyz" while you're playing.

  2. Does this topic has to do with your education or is it more about your hobbies and ways to spend your free time?

    1. hmmmm this is a game review? It has nothing to do with my private life.