Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Line Of Heroes

Line Of Heroes

Personally, I think that the game is too lengthy, especially for the lack of choices.
There's only 2 selective answers for each guy that you can "chase after"
However, although you can select 3 guys, there's actually ending for
 4 guys which includes Shakil, Lucios, Shamir and Melek.

I like how they actually show the endings to the other guys at the end.
How I think the romance end with Shamir lead the heroine killing Lucios was........
I think the drawing is good, the facial expression and etc are similar to people of the race.(not being racist here) I think the CGs are well done. Despite the awkward angle in drawing the kissing scenes. I kinda hope the heroine would have long hair which would make her prettier~

Note: Choosing to use Broken Heart Seal will lead to the ending with your two besties
Choosing to spare Shamir will lead to the ending with Shamir
And choosing "Ask XXXX for help" would give you the ending with XXXX
This meant for just by playing one round of the game, you can get 3 endings.

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