Monday, September 3, 2012

Hakuouki Demon of fleeting blossom Review

Hakuouki Demon of fleeting blossom

I have to say, honestly, this game was a deep disappointment for me.
I know that the story is lengthy, but I didn't expect it to bore me so much.
About 85% of the whole game is about them attacking, being attacked and stuffs.
And this was a big turn off for me that I only managed to finish Saito path.
It was a good thing I went for him first, since he was my favourite 
when I watched the first season of the anime.
During my second playthrough, I wondered why can't I get Shinpachi Nagakura.....
He was the second guy I wanted most in the game.....but sadly, he doesn't have a path....
But I do have to say, Saito's route was really good and sweet. I love how at the end,
all of them changed into western clothes......that's another beautiful sight in the game.

I don't particularly like this knd of otome games, all you do is read read AND read......
Such a disappointment for me. But, if you are a Hakuouki fan, you will like this, I guess?

Interesting fact: These characters exist in real historical time. And its kinda cool to read up on them!!!