Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Voltage newest free PARTY game, Samurai Love Ballad: Party

As usual, when it comes to historical otome games, you will see Oda Nobunaga.

Usually, seeing that would turn me off. However, after playing the opening, I would say I love it.

You play as the heroine, who is the daughter of a restaurant in the Kyoto.

Things happened and your younger brother was supposed

 to be sent to be a food taster (for poisons that is).

Seeing how it is a dangerous job, you decide to go in place of your brother.

Routes are chosen by "clan". 

This means that the guys comes in pair and decide who you are leaning towards. 

Definitely recommended even though I've only played 3 chapters now. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Star Project Yoon Review

Star Project Yoon Review

Star Project Yoon is the mobile version of Star Project.
As far as I have seen, there was not much advertising for the game itself.
However, seeing how to game is, I see the reason for the low review.
The game itself is a game of advertisement traps.
Every few seconds, a ad will pop up.
However, the good thing is that you can "X" away from it.
But its still nonetheless irritating.

 So, after naming my character "Elycia".
What is "Elycia of your agency"?
Don't I own the agency? O.O???

Lets give them the benefit of doubt that "Stage Elycia" meant
the manager's plan to.....make Touya famous.

So..."stage Elycia of Yoon" is Yoon of Stage Elycia :D

This is how events work out now.
No more world map too.


This is how dates, lessons and work looks like now.

There are no longer any mini games.
This is merely "waiting" screen for Touya to complete the job.
Of course, and to lure you to watch advertisements while you wait.

By the way, I named my company "Galaxy"
Not "GalaxyElycia"

After you have done a single date or work or lesson,
there will be a waiting time of 10 -30 mins depending on which you select.
If you click on it again, the above screen pops up. 
Asking you to, once again, watch advertisements 
to play the next date or work or lesson immediately.
As you can see, you have a fairly large amount of energy.
How many ad do I have to watch T ^ T

This is your "quest" list, where its not completely translated.

Here's the album.
However, that CG did not appear on my play screen.
I'm not sure how it even popped up there.
It seems that Touya would be the only star in this game.


This is a big big big disgrace to the web version.
I think its fine that the old CGs are used.
However, the CGs are cropped to fit my phone which was disappointing.
The game is pacing is really weird,
 the CGs are flashed at the start of the game which was unnecessary.
Weird english most of the times, incomplete translation.
However, it should be stated that they reused the text from the web version for the events.
Therefore, its not a lump of poor english.
I do hope that they would brush the game up if they care about it,
and stop with the bunch of random ads.
For those who don't get to play the game, you aren't missing out.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Sad News

Recently I have been catching up with the good otome games I have missed.
Apparently, projects for Starry Sky has been cancelled as the officials had noticed.
I remember reading that the main reason was that the voice actors are expensive,
which in turns meant that the production fee is high. So I guess they could not tolerate that.

I always went back to check if Star Project  was up and running.
But their website was not loading at all and there were no announcement 
of their closing on their Facebook Official Page. That was in 2012/2013 too.....
Looks like my news was way way way way way too old xD
Anddddd.......apparently the old web was hijacked and is a source of virus


Apparently, they have released a version on mobile.
The game is now called Star Project Yoon.
I am not sure if he's the only star in the mobile version.
Yoon, apparently, is the new name for Touya.
However, the reviews have been poor, but I will definitely try it for now. 

Sleepless Cinderella Review

Sleepless Cinderella PARTY

As much as I was turned off with the "seems like Gossip Girl" vibe.

I was wrong. In this game, you play as a budding reporter

 who won a 1st prize of staying in the luxurious room of the hotel. 

And in the room, all those guys are waiting for you......for some reason.

But things gets more interesting as it goes.

Currently I'm playing Yuzuki's route. Things are going smoother than I expected.

Definitely a recommended game.


Hello Nikki Ingredient Guide

Hello Nikki is a mobile game where the gameplay is mostly dressing up
by clearing missions.....by dressing up? xD
I realised there aren't any ingredients guide around so I decided to post one.

(Updating in Progress)
Japan I -
008 Hakodate's Nightscape - Cotton
010 Colourful Flower FIeld - Flora
012 Photograph in Flower Field - Dye
013 Childhood - Hair essence
018 Traveller Nikki 4 - Cashmere

Japan II -
019 Student Card Gone - Bow
020 Traveller-Nikki 5 - Buttons
022 Traveller Nikki 7 - Braids Kit
023 Izu Island - Leather
024 About Pata - Pearl
025 Party on Boat - Silk
028 Event on Boat - Rare Metal
030 Momo's worry - Crystal
032 Edo's Time - Hair Dye
033 Traveller Nikki 10 -Cotton
037 Traveller Nikki 11 - Floral
038 Traveller-Nikki 12 -Button

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I'm sorry that I have not updated this blog for so long now.
I haven't been playing much otome games on PC so I didn't have much to introduce.
However, I have recently picked up otome games on mobile.
I have been actively (& lazily) playing 4 otome games,namely:

 Destined to Love

 Forged Marriage PARTY 

Seven Hotties ,All my husband 

 Midnight Cinderella

I have actually tried playing Oriental Bride. 
However, the translation is poor and the story isn't as appealing. 
I played Li Yue's route and the only "doki doki" scene is probably.....
the last chapter with the beautiful CG.
Of course, if you are interested I wouldn't stop you from playing~

I have been busy playing my own game -cough-Trails in the sky SC & TalonRO -cough-
So pardon me if I haven't been updating this blog as much~
Thank you for supporting this blog~

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Story Of Seasons Review

Story of Seasons, one of the game in the Harvest Moon series, typical original Harvest Moon game with a twist.  By typical, I meant the dreading hours you spent on the game half asleep, doing repetitive actions : Water, Fertilize, Harvest, Brush, Milk, Clip, Feed, Give gifts.
Yes, you still have to do these as much as you wish it would be much easier.
I would say, money is easier to get now with the 3 x 3 squares rather than the 1 square at a time harvesting. Therefore, your profit would be 9 times your 1 square typical Harvest Moon plot.
 However, of course, the difficulty would be much harder. 
Even the game mocks you with a 30 years in game trophy to unlock.

The storyline of Story of Seasons is basically........unlocking all the vendors.
Want to know how to unlock them?
Ship 1 million G worth of shippings which is no longer through shipping box but through the vendors and.......voila~ 5 vendors for you to ship to~
However, this is where the game really starts.
Unlocking the other two, while not too hard, is tedious
100 tools, 500 seeds, 15,000 farm products, 15,000 cooked recipes, 10,000 processed goods, 600 clothes,100 fences, 200 decorations, 200 garden objects, 100 streets, 100 furniture, and 100 wallpaper/flooring

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The game expects you to earn lots of money and this can be seen through:
-The cost of getting a bigger bag
-Obviously, unlocking the vendors
- 1 000 000 G donation option for Fireworks festival
- Crazy amount of lumber needed (Seed x Time = Money?!?!)

Through all these hardships, you have all these adorable NPCs along with you 
and also fellows farmers who just have to see how you snatch their rental plots away from them
*Cheers for Lutz*
 Because the bachelors and bachelorettes are too busy waiting for someone to propose,
you can look at their details here :
 Of course, other than your plants and npcs, lets not forget 
about our farm animals (& the safari animals)
who love you more than those npcs like this monster looking chick

 In case you couldn't see it clearly, I cropped the chick out.
 I'm sure I've seen that face before.....somewhere
So my chicks started having names like, Yeti, Slendy & Nessie.

Now, lets talk about customisation. Having build a Sewing Studio,
you can start making accessories, clothes and OP money making golden flax cloth 

No matter what gender you choose, you can look like the other gender.
Meaning, you can wear male clothing as a girl and female clothing like as a guy
So now, you can fulfill your BxB or GxG fantasies in Harvest Moon
while still being able to have children.

And the above is my review for Story of Seasons.


And yes, lets not forget the hypnotizing music and the clingy horse.
Play it and you know what I mean.
Learn more about the game from the official website:

And buy it after you finish reading this sentence.
You know you want it.