Monday, September 10, 2012

Mori no Monogatari

Mori no Monogatari

This is a short flash otome game. This game is really cute. There are lots of endings.
Bad endings ends with GAME OVER..........and there's lots of traps for you.
..which would lead to the bad endings. So I guess its impossible for me to do a walkthrough...
Well, maybe for the good endings....The story is similar to little red riding hood!!
Alright, now go and try out this game!!!


  1. omg i just love ur blog thanks for sharing anything. my holiday wont be boring with these games u introduce!! thanks a lot. :)

  2. lol haha thank you ;) i will keep visit your blog to play all the games :P

  3. I got ending. I think it only contain 4(Good ones not game over)ending.
    Weird Ending : Got Married with the Rek(the wolf)
    Weird Ending : Rek and Taga(the black bear) become Ten slave
    Good Ending : Go to Grandmother house with Furei and Sheoul.
    Special Ending : Got married with the King.
    Another married is with Taga but it later become bad ending as the grandmother(Shira) been eaten by Rek(wolf).
    I have play all the different ending, if someone need it, I will post it all. :-)