Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ok, so I'm gonna start on writing the story for my new VN soon. And I won't tell you what's in it.
LOLZ. I dunwan to spoiler my game you see. And I will do a review on Starry Sky In Spring, which I should've done it long ago!! And of course Tokimeki Memorial Girls' side1 & 2
I'll try to find more games to update on~
Well.........since today is the last day of my exam~~~
So look forward to my new updates soon~
Thanks  ~~( >   < )~~


  1. you have an exam in the middle of summer?? are you in university or something?? cos I'm in secondary school and I'm having the last few days of my summer holidays.

    Also, do you have any idea if any english/chinese translation patch is out for TMGS3 ??
    After seeing a blog post on it, I'd really like to try it out, the guys are even more amazing than the 2nd one!! They're all my type! -w- If I get the game, I'll probably end up trying every guys' paths! >w<

    FYI, I'm chinese so I can understand chinese, that's why I'm asking if there's a chinese patch out. :3

    1. Nope I'm in studying for a diploma now. In what my country call it polytechnic.

      Hmmm for TMGS3 they are still translating for the english version and you can check for updates here

      FYI I'm chinese too!!o( > < )o But i'm not really sure about having a chinese patch. And FYI, the chinese patch has really complicated steps to follow. I tried it for Starry Sky in Summer, but i gave up halfway. LOLZ

    2. steps ?? as in steps to get the game patched or do you mean the game is more difficult to play??

      and woah, what a coincidence that we're both chinese! xDD
      I think we have an advantage though, if we REALLY REALLY want to play a game, we could look for english/chinese so bigger chances. ^^

      btw, did you have to buy the game for starry sky first and then get the english patch or did it come with the game?? I'd love to play it, the graphics look amazing but I don't think they would be cheap enough for me to buy since it's such a professionally made game. ><

    3. Yup I meant the steps to patch the game into chinese. Yeah you have to buy the game 1st and patch~ Well.....there's always illegal games on the net...LOLZ...

    4. so you downloaded the game ?? xDD lol, I hope you say yes so it won't seem as bad that I did xDD but I swear, if I'm older and had a bit extra money to spend, I would pay for games instead of downloading it on the internet!!
      but hey, just last night, I got it to work, took me 45 mins to get it working but once it did, I realized I just didn't understand the tutorial it showed.... so it's actually really easy to configure it right and get it working.... xD

    5. Hahaa yup i downloaded the game. And same for me, if i earned money, I would have bought it > < You meant the chinese version? Or the english one?