Friday, August 31, 2012

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

I think that harvest moon series always have the same problem. 
Which is, there isn't much of a goal after you get marriage. 
And you have to wait for a long period of time for your child to grow. 
Furthermore, in this case, after you have found all the circus animals, 
you can summon them to reach a certain place immediately. 
Which is rather bad , since this make you have more time, 
BUT you have nothing to do.....which in turn lead you to be lazy and not finish the full game.
For me, I finished the main storyline, got married and had a baby.

And, my "husband" is Gill!!!! I thought that the bachelors in this game isn't that good looking.
And I would have gone for Luke if he didn't had that plastic on his nose. Or maybe Owen if his body isn't that "bulky".....But I must say that its still good to play this if you are bored since, you can spend hours of real time just for a few days in game. I hate how when your "husband" help out and took really long to water the crops. And I think its pretty unfair for bachelorettes to really nice looking......."OTL

But I guess this game is pretty worth the try that is if you have nothing to do....

Rating: 6/10 stars

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