Friday, August 24, 2012

Starry Sky In Spring Review

Starry Sky In Spring Review
A really good otome game. Really really good game. 
I love how they added the horoscope concept into the game. 

There's Yoh, who represents Capricon. 

 Suzuya who represent Cancer.

 AND Kanata that represent Pisces

Personally, I LOVEEEEEE Suzuya. And the fact that he knows how to cook was a big addition in point. If you have played Suzuya's route, you will know that Suzuya have been keeping his feeling for the heroine inside.
However, he is a gentle devil. There's a inner devil in him LOLZZZ!!
Suzuya is a really motherly figure out of all three of them!!!
I love how Suzuya give the main character a really protected feeling.
Which is why Suzuya is my personal favourite

Kanata & Yoh's path is good in different ways. Yoh is really the sly, quiet type of guy.
And Kanata is a little boy inside of him. (That's what I think)

The CGs are realllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy good. Really recommended!!
Rating:10/10 stars 


  1. I just got the game and I'm going for Kanata first, he's just so cute, I love how he gets so jealous =w=

  2. Can someone please tell me how I even download this? I can't seem to find the english version and it's so aggravating!! Link please? :(

    1. There isn't a official english version. There is a english patch out there, try searching for it! =)