Saturday, May 4, 2013

Days of the Divine

Days of the Divine Review

This game is one of the games released for NaNoRenO 2013. A pretty good game, great art, great design and suitable music. However its rather sad that there isn't any CGs in the game which is a pity because the art is really good. Just look at the tiger in the picture above. Marvelous drawing. 

However, I think that the words are too small and it takes too much effort to read the text. Maybe there is a way to change it or something, but I haven't really played around with the game to find it. I think that the stories' pretty ok, its not one that would grasp you into it. This is mainly due to the lack of CGs I believe. There isn't really any intimidate or sweet scene with Seirei and Liufan till the end. Not so much for Liufan though. Whereas I think Maru's super cute that it actually is fun to play in he's route since he's bubbly and all~

For me, I played Maru's route > Seirei's route > Liufan's route. The ranking for my favourite would be the same as the sequence of the route that i played. With Maru's cuteness being first, Seirei's coolness being second and Liufan's "not-so-fun" route the last.


The walkthrough is in the link itself



  1. I played the game with the order of Senrei>Maru>Lui-Fan. In terms of how much I like the character and their respective story it would definately Maru>>Luifan>Senrei.

    Maru was cute and sweet and quite impossible to hate/dislike but really his story is what made me love his character and I feel he had the most interesting depth out of the three. Senrei was the complicated character with the warped morality, normally I'd be drawn to these type of characters but really I found his arc quite bland in comparison to the other two guy's arcs.

  2. I really need help, is there a walkthrough to this game, because so far I've finished maru's story. Please Email me at help is appreciated Thanks

  3. why cant i play maru and liufan route T______T
    please help meTT

    1. o.o why can't you play maru and liufan's route? Is there any error or something?

  4. Can someone post a walkthrouh for this?? >. < I played this game twice and end up ending with no one