Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

The english version for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is out!!!!
This is a game for 3DS, there's lots of new stuffs available in this game unlike the other Harvest Moons.
You can shift the house in the town, meaning, the town can change as you like.
Also, you are able to change the clothing, hair and colour of your character!!!
AND!! Personally, I think the guys in this harvest moon are handsome XD
and its good that they had an equal amount of bachelors and bachelorettes.....

For more info, check out this website:


  1. I wish they allowed for same-sex pairings D'x
    Too controversial/pervy I guess!

    1. XDD I guess harvest moon is still a "family" game....pretty much anyone of any age can get the game > < least you can still be best friend with same sex characters~