Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Project , My Candy Love

After playing Star Project for about a month now,
My Touya is at level 38 with 700+ love points.
I have collected all the CGs except for the ending event 
which requires lv 50 with 900 love points.....
Long way to go, and I'm getting bored with playing the mini games

Can't wait for the Ren to come out !! <3

Also, I've been logging in My Candy Love almost everyday since the character only gets 10 action points per day IF you log in. And, its rather annoying how its hard to progress in the game and after one month, I'm only at Episode 3. I think it will be good to change this system since the mini games doesn't really give us much action points, probably 1 or 2 action points only.

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