Saturday, June 23, 2012

(P)lanets Review

This is one of the few otome games that I enjoyed throughout the routes. 
The psychic part of the game fits in perfectly with the game. The guys in the game are really adorable.
 The CGs were well drawn. The storyline is very sweet at the end. 
(P)lanets is NOT one of the few games where the storyline is highly predictable. 
My personal favourite is Kaius. Somehow he reminds me of Jigoku Shoujo......
Doesn't he look really sweet? He has a mysterious aura around him.
 Which is why I did his route first, & his story really satisfied me. 

Throughout the game play, I wondered how nice it would be if I was the Female MC. 
Her sudden psychic ability to hear others mind is really attractive for me.
And I seriously wonder what's up with her parents......

There's a additional ending with her "girlfriend" who is a guy.

Rating: 8/10

>(P)lanets 2 is in making now!!
> This game is labelled M15......I have no idea why.....should probably be M13 LOLZ

>> Download here:<<

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