Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Second Reproduction Review

The Second Reproduction Review

The Second Reproduction has a pretty good story line from my point of view. With 3 different types of guys for you to chase after. However, I think that the story had been too long winded, there's lots of text to read and only after a long conversation, you will be able to do your own things which only last for a few seconds.

This game emphasize a lot on the main characters. Its a little disappointing when there wasn't a picture of some important characters such as Christina's sisters or even her child. Also, the music in the game doesn't change much.....which I thought was quite dissappointing eventhough the music they had was really nice

The character I love best is Lezette because of his pure nature & his care towards the princess.

However, if you have tried playing all the story lines for all the 3 guys, you will notice that Christina's personality seems to differ a little. 

Overall, I would think that this game is good for passing time if you are bored. The drawings are pretty good, only to find a little mistakes in drawing.

Rating: 7 / 10 stars


  1. Greetings! :D

    I liked this otoge too, can you suggest any game that has a story like this,? By that I mean romantic tragedy fantasy ( a___a-
    Other aspect wouldn't matter ^__^

    1. Hmmmm I can only think of "The Dolls" Will inform u again if I find more~~ XD